Top Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home when it comes to conveying style. Though it’s utilitarian in its purpose, it’s one of the most frequently visited rooms in any house. As a result, it can act as an ideal canvas upon which to convey your personal style. Upgrading your bathrooms can provide an immediate injection of rejuvenation into your décor and provide you with a simple way of defining your space.

While there are functional upgrades you can perform to your plumbing or lighting, some of the most meaningful upgrades are purely aesthetic in nature. As a result, they can be stunning without overwhelming your schedule or budget. Additions such as modern bathroom cabinets, refreshed paint, or upgraded flooring can redefine your bathroom space in impressive fashion. By reflooring your bathroom or installing new bathroom cabinets in Bellevue, WA, for example, you can create an attractive space that your guests will appreciate while also enjoying the rejuvenated appearance yourself. Keep reading to learn about a few easy ways to upgrade your bathroom.

Step Up Your Style with a New Vanity

When it comes to designing your bathroom décor, you want to create a cohesive aesthetic. One of the logical spots to start is to select an upgraded vanity to anchor your style, then build your design around it. The vanity commands attention upon entering the bathroom space, so why not use that to your advantage in your new design by selecting a stunning modern vanity? You can repurpose a piece of furniture such as a dresser to become a rustic antique-style vanity, or you can purchase a unique modern vanity that will bring your bathroom into the 21st century. Be sure to consider the vanity when selecting other design elements such as flooring and tile in order to get a unified design aesthetic.

Turn Up Your Tile

There’s a resurgence in the popularity of tile in the bathroom, partially because of the prolific options that exist when it comes to tile shape, color, texture, and function. For example, you can install backsplash tile around your sink to protect your walls and insert a flash of sophistication. While many shower and tub areas already contain tile, customize the tile to your style by taking advantage of new styles and materials that will insert a fresh look in your bathroom. Consider en vogue tile material options such as travertine, porcelain, or metal in patterns like subway, mermaid, or pebbles. No matter which tile you choose, it will add value to your bathroom, make for a low-maintenance surface, and provide a visually stunning wall and floor covering.

Go Au Natural

One of the emerging trends in bathroom design involves imposing a natural aesthetic on the bathroom space. Such a design can transform the bathroom into a charming oasis that provides respite from the rigors of the day while reconnecting the homeowners with natural elements such as stone and wood. Select stone textured and colored tile for your shower and backsplash, and pair it with natural stone countertops such as granite or marble. While many homeowners would eschew wood flooring in the bathroom because of the constant humidity, there are wood-styled composite and laminate flooring types that can present the appearance of wood with the resiliency of more modern materials in a damp environment. Combined with live plants and frameless glass shower doors, a homeowner can create a natural niche in the center of the home.


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If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your bathroom, consider using some of these easy concepts for redefining your space. Most of these projects can be accomplished by a moderately handy homeowner over a weekend, and none of these upgrades will bust your budget. To learn more about easy ways to upgrade your bathroom, contact Eastside Design Group at (425) 654-4144 or visit



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