Top Considerations When Choosing a New Floor

Whether remodeling a kitchen, dining room, foyer, or other room, you want to select flooring product. The right flooring, whether it’s new hardwood, decorative tile, plush carpet, or luxury vinyl plank, can make the room. This is when you need the eye of a designer as you select the hard surfaces to complement other design elements, such as cabinets, wall colors, and furnishings, in your remodeling projects. There are many options of flooring in Bellevue, WA. You could find the perfect parquet or tantalizing tile that will make your foyer an interesting entry to your home or make your kitchen a fun place to prepare for a dinner party.

Besides style, here are four things to consider when purchasing flooring products for your next remodeling project.


You want a flooring product that will look its best 10 or more years down the road. Quality flooring is not cheap, and you get what you pay for. There are many cheap flooring products that look great but don’t wear well because they don’t have a quality protective coating. When it comes to hardwoods and tiles, look for quality coatings that are chemically blended to endure repeated wear, scratching, and denting. When you purchase carpet, spend more for a quality pad because it’s what gives the carpeting structure and bounce. Understand that you’re paying more for this quality, but that it will pay off down the road.

Ease of Cleaning

Flooring gets dirty from shoes walking repeatedly over the surface as well as normal house dirt and debris. With normal foot traffic, dirt and debris gets pushed and ground into the flooring. That’s why it’s important to regularly clean floors. Durable coatings prevent dirt and spills from penetrating into the fibers of the flooring materials. They also allow dirt and spills to sit on the surface and give you time to clean up any messes.

Plush carpet flooring Bellevue wa


Flooring needs to provide a level of comfort. Carpeting with a good quality pad underneath provides the softest flooring. Hardwood and tile are the hardest surfaces. Hardwood flooring is nailed to the subfloor, and tile is cemented to the subfloor. The hardness of these surfaces can be offset by placing rugs over the hardwood or tile. In kitchens and bathrooms, you want hard surfaces that are easy to clean. If you want the look of hardwood or tile with a little cushion, luxury vinyl plank is a manufactured product with layers with some bounce. It is set over the floor, but not nailed or cemented. 


Sometimes the flooring choice comes down to the purpose and function of the room. Bedrooms are most often carpeted. The get little foot traffic, so you can spend less money on bedroom carpeting and the pad. Family rooms get more foot traffic, so it’s better to spend more for quality carpeting and padding here. Also, if there are young children in the home carpeting provides a soft landing place if they fall while roughhousing or playing. If you have pets, hardwood and tile may be a better option.

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