Tips for Selecting the Perfect Kitchen Countertops

If you’re shopping for the best kitchen surfaces, make sure that you know the signs of quality, and what will fit perfectly with your kitchen. Here’s a simple guide to selecting the best countertop material for your kitchen.


One of the most crucial aspects of a countertops material is its appearance. Great countertops can mean the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary kitchen. Natural stones like granite and quartz are beautifully rich in color, while quartz is the most convincing manmade material for resembling authentic stone.


Good countertops should be easy to maintain, even if you use them to prepare and serve food several times a day. If you reseal granite and marble regularly, they’ll last for many years. Simply practice everyday maintenance by wiping them clean with soap and water, then drying the surface.


It’s important to consider your budget when you shop for countertops, but value is more important than price. “Value” refers to the ratio of quality to price. Quartz offers famously great value because it’s low-maintenance, doesn’t need resealing, and is built to last. While ceramic tile and laminate countertops are cheap, they take on damage easily.

Design Scheme

Not every high-quality surface matches perfectly with your kitchen. If you’ve already selected your cabinetry, backsplash, appliances, flooring and wall paint, invest in countertops that complement the design. If not, then you can select virtually any stone surface, and design the rest of your kitchen to match.

However, every kitchen is unique, so the best way to determine which surface will match best with your kitchen design scheme is to call Eastside Design Group. Not only do we offer the highest quality countertops around, including a wide variety of amazing quartz and granite surfaces in many styles and colors, but we also provide design assistance. Call us or stop by our showroom to find a great prefabricated slab at a low price, or customize a slab for your kitchen. Find out why the finest homes in Bellevue, Washington, get their countertops from Eastside Design Group!

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