Tile vs. Hardwood Flooring for a Kitchen

A kitchen remodel doesn’t only improve the way you feel about your home; it can add value. Whether you’re planning a total renovation or want to focus on refreshing a few key kitchen components, new flooring creates a dramatic, yet cost-effective new look. When you talk about flooring, the decision is always tile or hardwood. Both make excellent flooring choices. Here’s our guide to choosing between the two.

Stunning Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

Choose tile flooring lets your imagination go wild. When you select kitchen floors, you can let your artistic side take over. You can install tiles in a diagonal pattern or use a variety of shapes and sizes for a truly unique floor. Choose gray for a minimalist look or black if you like elegance. Add a splash of color with rich terracotta tiles or go neutral with a shade of beige. For a sampling of the many designs available, visit a showroom for tile flooring in Bellevue, WA. Also, if you love the look of hardwood, you can get it with wood-look tile planks.  

The Warmth of Hardwood

If you’ve installed hardwood floors in the adjoining rooms, bringing the look into the kitchen can make your space appear larger. You’ll want to make sure you choose the same type and color because it creates cohesion. Hardwood floors make a room feel warm and inviting. They’re also always in style for kitchens. For contemporary spaces, choose darker finishes. If you love white cabinetry, make them pop when you go with an Ebony stain or even a true black. For gray cabinets, choose a white hardwood stain.

Which Is More Durable?

Again, tile and hardwood flooring are both durable and will last many years. Wood floors aren’t called timeless for no reason. Homeowners have found original hardwood flooring in homes older than 100 years. Wood floors earn an excellent grade for durability. Eventually, you’ll need to sand and refinish them to increase their lifespan. Tile floors won’t scratch and will never need to be refinished. If one or two tiles do crack, you can replace those tiles. Unlike wood flooring, replacing tile doesn’t carry on for days. Replacement also doesn’t create a dust issue.

Kitchen with Hardwood Floors Bellevue

The Cost Difference

The cost to install a hardwood floor is usually a bit higher, but there’s a wide variation in costs due to the different types of wood you can use. You’ll find tile flooring options suitable for every budget. Mass-produced tiles are less expensive than hand-painted tiles. Clay tiles aren’t as costly as granite or other natural stone tiles.

You’ll find other differences between tile and hardwood, but both make excellent kitchen flooring solutions. Flooring experts at Eastside Design Group, are happy to help you narrow down your selections. Visit our showroom or give us a call at 425-654-4144.

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