Things to Expect When Remodeling Your Kitchen

A kitchen is the hub of family life in a house. People spend more time in their kitchens than any other room in the house. Besides preparing meals and eating, people gather around the kitchen table to talk and play games, do homework or pay bills, etc. Because a kitchen is the most lived-in space, it’s the room of the house that is most often remodeled. If you’re planning to remodel your perhaps out-of-date kitchen into your dream kitchen, here are few things to expect from a kitchen remodel in Bellevue, WA.


Remodeling a kitchen is a huge enterprise. It can involve many details and decisions. The pieces that will give you the biggest impact and wow factor are the kitchen cabinets and hard surfaces, such as countertops and flooring. One of the greatest challenges in the design stage is to select the right cabinets and hard surfaces given the thousands of options in materials, styles, patterns, and colors—not to mention all the many cabinet styles and appliance brands. And all these elements must work together. The best design advice is do lots of homework as you construct the design elements of the kitchen.

Hiring a Designer and Contractor

The first step of a kitchen remodel is researching the latest trends. This involves searching online as well as visiting kitchen showrooms. If you don’t want to go this work of discovering design ideas, you can always hire a designer from a design group. The other person you’ll need on your team is a contractor. As you interview designers and contractors, get a feel for their experience and creativity and ask to look at their portfolio of work. Hiring the right designer with the right eye for design details and artistic flair is critical. As you select design elements, countertops, cabinet colors and finishes, flooring, and, of course, the perfect backsplash, you want a pro by your side.


Contractors recommend understanding that the original budget will probably increase. As you progress through the remodel, expect the unexpected. That is just how it goes with any construction project. Let say you want granite countertops, and the combined weight of the granite and the new cabinets exceed the load weight of the kitchen floor. In this case, the contractor will need to reinforce the floor joist at an extra expense. Besides structural issues discovered after the kitchen is gutted, the other thing that can put you over budget is if you choose something like new, more expensive tile for the backsplash or upgrade to new, more expensive flooring. But if you’re going to live with this kitchen for 10 to 15 years, spend the extra money and do it right.

Time Delays

The average size kitchen takes between six to eight weeks to remodel. In you run into problems such as structural issues or electrical wiring or plumbing that isn’t up to code, the project will take longer. The best advice is to roll with the punches. Prepare for some delays. Your contractor will hire subcontractors for much of the work. For example, if the flooring subcontractor doesn’t show up when scheduled, then that delays when the kitchen cabinets can be installed, which then delays when the tile subcontractor can put in the backsplash. It’s ultimately the contractor’s responsibility to get the work done, but he or she needs these subcontractors. So, don’t do things like plan a big Christmas party and start the remodel mid-November.

Kitchen construction for kitchen remodel Bellevue wa

Expect a Mess

Expect a messy house. Gutting the kitchen means tearing out cabinets, countertops, plumbing and electrical, appliances, flooring, etc. down to the subfloor and the sheetrock. This creates dust and debris that needs to be collected and carried out of the house. Even if the contractor tapes plastic around the kitchen, you may still find dust throughout the house. Again, the best thing to do is roll with the punches.

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