The Best Home Remodeling Project for ROI

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’re already looking into ways to make a profit off your big investment. While there are many ways to increase the value of your house and increase its appeal to potential buyers, you must remember that in the meantime, it’s your home, and any change you make should be practical as well as aesthetic for you and future owners. If you’re thinking of doing a kitchen cabinet remodel, Bellevue WA homeowners, read on to learn more about this easy and affordable home improvement move.

A Bunch of Style Options

Kitchen cabinets are among the most visible and most used storage spaces in the home. Their presence contributes to considerable visual control over the space, helping define the look and style of the kitchen. As such, you have several different design options to choose from, including timeless, classic American style cabinetry and modern European styles that have a sleek look and a little more room for your dishes, culinary gadgets, and foods. You can change the paint color and finish to match a fresh coat for the kitchen walls and trim, and even update the hardware for that little something extra. With so many options out there including granite, marble, manufactured quartz, and durable, affordable synthetic look-alikes, you might as well start thinking about a new countertop too. If it’s within your budget, new flooring is kind to the eyes and also the feet—a thoughtful consideration for buyers who cook often or subject their dining area to a lot of family foot traffic.

Thinking Outside the Cabinet Box

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, consider foil kitchen cabinets. Also known as thermofoil cabinets, they’re made from a thin, flexible vinyl material molded over medium-density fiberboard. They’re less prone to chipping than painted cabinet surfaces, and they come in many colors and styles including matte and glossy finishes. They can also be cleaned easily and they’re not susceptible to the cracking or warping that might afflict wood cabinets.

There’s also the easily overlooked kitchen base cabinets, which hold the sink, drawers, and doors for storage. While it might be underneath the line of sight, many people use base cabinets to hold utensils, oven mitts, towels, trash cans, and cleaning supplies. Coordinating the base cabinet with the others is essential for a tied-together look, and it’s a great excuse to opt for fun touches, such as decorative hardware or even a mini beverage cooler.

Kitchen remodel bellevue

Getting on the Road to Renovation

Don’t put your home improvement plans on the back burner! A kitchen remodel in Bellevue, WA, is one of the best ways you can make your future home sale more profitable while enhancing both form and function where you live. Research suggests that even a minor to medium-range kitchen revamp pays very well and lets potential buyers know that they’ll be moving into a new home with a sparkling new kitchen. In the meantime, you and your family can enjoy a beautiful renovated space for mingling, making food and memories, and filling the house with cozy cooking smells.

If you’re ready to kick your kitchen up a notch, trust only the best in the business with all your planning and renovating needs. Eastside Design Group can help with cabinetry, flooring, countertops, vanities, and so much more. Just browse our website or visit our Bellevue showroom to see how we can help you make the kitchen of your dreams a reality.

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