How to Coordinate Your Tile Floor with a Backsplash

Installing new tile flooring is one way to update any room in your home without spending a fortune. You won’t need to move plumbing or run new wiring. You won’t even need to install new appliances, fixtures, or lighting. For an extra pop of personality, add a tile backsplash and you’ll enjoy a whole new look. Before you get too far into the project, read our tips about how to coordinate floor tile with your sassy new backsplash. Then visit a tile flooring outlet and let your imagination go wild.

The Chicken and the Egg

You’ve heard the silly argument about which came first, the chicken or the egg? When you start looking at tile flooring options in combination with a backsplash, you may wonder which you should select first. Does the backsplash go with the tile or is it the other way around? If you already have a backsplash you love, there’s no argument. You choose tile to complement the existing backsplash. The conundrum deepens if you’re adding both at the same time. Selecting the right style and color isn’t difficult when you talk with an expert who understands tile flooring in Bellevue, WA. Let’s talk for a minute about the backsplash, then we’ll go back to choosing tile.

A Backsplash Is a Personality Piece

Wherever you decide to add a backsplash, keep in mind its purpose. Beyond protecting kitchen walls from grease and water splatters, it’s a fun way to show off your personal style. Is your kitchen refined and neutral? Maybe you’ve created a funky retro-style bathroom with a bright, energetic vibe. The backsplash tiles you choose should showcase your style and color scheme. It’s a focal point and a chance for your personality to shine.

A Tile for Every Backsplash

You could also say there’s a backsplash for every floor tile, but then we’d be back to the whole chicken and egg argument. Let’s just say when you select either flooring or backsplash tiles, each should complement the other. You’ll also need to consider the other design elements like cabinets and countertops. Marble countertops go well with a more subdued flooring tile. If you’ve selected stunning glass tile flooring, incorporate a band of coordinating glass tiles with ceramic wall tiles. Now your floor tile and backsplash look they were made for each other.

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Create a Vibrant Statement

Think about what happens when you pair colors that are opposite on the color wheel. You create energy! For example, pair warm terra cotta floor tile with a rich blue backsplash. As a general rule, if you use dark gray or brown floor tiles in a kitchen, you can use a lighter and brighter backsplash. In a smaller space, choose cream or off-white floor tiles. They reflect light and make the space feel larger. A brightly colored backsplash always complements light-colored floor tiles.

Ultimately, the tile decision is yours, so go with what makes you feel happy in your space. For a complete selection of floor and accent tile, Eastside Design Group invites you to visit our showroom. If you’re anxious to get your flooring project started, call us at 425-654-4144.


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