Choosing the Right Color of Your Bathroom Vanity

They’re a resting place for the soap dish and the toothbrush holder. Some have drawers, shelves, and a door that hides everything you don’t want sitting around in plain view. Beyond the functional storage space, bathroom vanities can change the entire look and feel of a bathroom. Transform a powder room, the main bath, or your master bathroom by selecting the right color vanity. Here are a few tips to help homeowners looking for bathroom vanities in Bellevue, WA, create the most impact with color.

A Color That Stands the Test of Time

One way you can choose vanity color is by picking a hue that complements your bathroom style. Or, you can go with a color that never goes out of style: white. No matter what your style, white goes with just about every style and color scheme you can imagine. White is a flexible color. Choose bright white and you have the ideal color for a modern design style. Warm it up a bit and white fits in with rustic or traditional look. Choose white and, if you decide next year you want a different color wall paint or want to change your flooring, white will still be in style. In the design field, we talk about trends. There’s nothing wrong with trends, as you’ll see in a minute, but sometimes trends come and go. Maybe you like pieces that stand the test of time. If that’s you, go with a classic white vanity.

Be a Trend Follower

If you want to feel fresh and stylish, you follow fashion trends. You follow decorating trends for the same reason. When you keep up with the trends, your home looks up to date and fashionable. As far as bathroom colors, gray is on-trend right now. And like white, gray looks great in both traditional and rustic-style bathrooms. Gray is the ultimate neutral. It’s not bland or boring and it goes with everything! Choose a gray vanity and you can create a bathroom that’s elegant, refined, or even whimsical. Gray is the backdrop; you add your personality with accents.

Create a Dramatic Impact

If you’re feeling dramatic, go with a dark vanity. When you imagine dark colors, brown hues including chocolate, coffee, and espresso often come to mind. Charcoal gray is another dark shade that offers a dose of drama. Whatever shade you choose, a dark-colored vanity looks clean and modern while adding a serious twist of adult glamour. It’s polished and moody at the same time. Contrast a dark vanity color with white tiles. Take the mood to a different place and pair it with a shade of gray for the walls and flooring.


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The Little Black Vanity

Years ago, a fashion designer, Coco Chanel, made a simple black cocktail dress famous. Paired with a strand of pearls, the little black dress spelled elegance, drama, and sophistication. Selecting a black vanity can do the same for a bathroom. The beauty of black? It can do two things. A black vanity can claim attention or take a step back and let the focus be drawn to another décor element. If you’re buying a vanity with the sink included, why not follow the fashion icons and go with a black vanity and a white sink?

Choosing a color for a bathroom vanity is so much fun! For a full selection of bathroom vanities in a range of colors, visit our showroom or our online catalog. For questions or assistance with choosing a vanity, call Eastside Design Group at 425-654-4144.

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