Beautify Your Kitchen with These Countertops Colors

With countless material options available for kitchen countertops, how do you know you’re making the right color choice? It’s easier to choose countertop colors when you know what style you want to achieve. Continue reading to learn more about timeless and modern countertop choices that work well in today’s multi-functional kitchens.

Flecked White

  • A neutral shade great for transitional and traditional kitchens
  • Creates an open and airy feel in darker spaces
  • Doesn’t dirty as quickly as stark white

Pure White

  • Delivers a crisp, minimalistic look
  • Gives the illusion of small spaces being bigger
  • Breaks up wood or bold finishes


  • Sturdy countertops
  • Warms up white kitchens
  • Adds rustic charm
  • Creates an intimate space


  • Creates drama in the space
  • Ideal for large kitchens
  • Perfect for black and white decorating schemes
  • Works well in trendy kitchens

Gray or Midtone

  • More neutral than white
  • Blends well with all kitchen styles
  • Creates a harmonizing space
  • Softens kitchens with metallic finishes

At Eastside Design Group, our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all your remodeling needs. This includes kitchen countertops. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen for the first time or you’ve been through the process before, we have gorgeous countertops in an expansive range of colors, textures, and stone to match your style. Our design experts will walk you through the process of selecting countertops and answer all your questions about installation, care, and warranties. We want you to feel happy and confident with the choices you make. If you’re in the greater Seattle or Puget Sound region, reach out to us. Everyday homeowners invite us into their homes to help them make their spaces fit their lifestyle, and we don’t take this trust for granted. Check out our website at to learn more about all the services and products we offer.

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