A Checklist to Follow When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen is an exciting experience. It’s filled with both exhilaration and, yes, some frustration. But the finished product with the beautiful new cabinets, flooring, tile, and countertops make it all worthwhile. One of the best things you can do to keep your sanity and help you stay focused is to create a checklist to lead you through the process of a kitchen remodel in Bellevue, WA. This will help keep you motivated and able to see the light at the end of the kitchen remodel tunnel. Here’s some things to consider for your checklist. 

Purpose of the Remodel

What is your purpose for the remodel? Do you want to expand the size of your cramped kitchen? Do you need a pantry or extra storage space? Are the appliances in awkward places that interrupt the flow the kitchen? Do you want a desk as a workspace? Identifying your purpose and writing it down will help you to formulate a clear vision. It will also help you communicate that vision to contractors and subcontractors. From this vision, you can start to build your plan. 

A Solid Plan

Having a solid plan is essential. Your kitchen plan should involve all the things you do in the kitchen besides the obvious. It’s in the kitchen that people gather around the kitchen table or island to play games, do homework, or pay bills. It’s the hub of family life, so you want to create a positive space. Your plan should begin with collecting and sorting through ideas for kitchen cabinet styles and finishes and different styles, patterns, and colors of hard surfaces including countertops and flooring. Which do you like better? Granite or quartz? Hardwood floor or tile or vinyl luxury plank? Then there’s appliance brands to choose from. All these elements must work together.

The Budget

You’ll want to set a budget to keep your spending on track. Kitchen remodels can be expensive, and you don’t want to get in over your head. Your remodeling choices should fit into the budget. With that said, however, according to kitchen remodeling contractors, the original budget could increase by as much as 20 percent. With any home remodeling project, you should expect the unexpected. Once you start the kitchen demolition, you could run into electrical and plumbing issues, framing that isn’t up to building code, or another problem. You may also stumble upon a different countertop that you’re willing to go over your budget to purchase. 

Bellevue, WA, kitchen remodel

Deciding on Materials

In the planning stage, you will have collected ideas and samples. There will come a time when you must decide which direction to go. There are so many choices for kitchen elements that it can be overwhelming. Besides kitchen cabinet styles, colors, and finishes, there’s also the functionality of the cabinets and the hardware to consider. Do you want to go with a stainless steel undermount sink or a farm sink? For the countertops, do you want granite, quartz, marble, or another material? The list goes on. Write down each decision you must make to help you visualize how everything will come together.

Choosing a Contractor

With all this planning underway, you must also start looking for a contractor. In your search, look for contractors that exclusively work on kitchen remodels. Ask to see their portfolio of past kitchen remodels to see if their finished product matches your dream kitchen. You want to be on the same page as the contractor. A talented contractor can work with you on your design and narrow down your material choices. Then your contractor can go off and create the blueprint for the remodel and the materials needed.

Ordering Materials

The contractor will know where to purchase quality materials at reasonable prices. Remodeling a kitchen can take months while cabinetry, flooring, countertops, and other materials arrive. But while things are on order, the contractor can do the demolition and prep the area for when materials are delivered.

For more information about creating a checklist and design for your dream kitchen, call the Eastside Design Group at 425-654-4144. You can also visit www.eastsidedesigngroup.com to review the latest styles in kitchen design.

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